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Unsolved Mysteries
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The study of "Cryptic" animals.

The mothman:
First seen in the early 60's, the mothman is probably the second most famous cryptic animal. Shaped vaguely like a man, it has had movies, television series, and comics made after it, including the horror Jeepers Creepers.
It has a pair of wings, has either feathers, or is covered in nothing. Seen most commonly near explosives dumps.
The most famous of the cryptic animals, and the closest to being proven. They have enough proof, that if it went to court, it would be found to be a real animal. At eight to ten feet tal, and completely covered in hair, it is an impressive and imposing sight.
Its DNA has also been archived, along what they belive to be its footprints. Actual bigfoot prints are belived to have whorels that are straight lines to the left. Apes and other primates are diagonal, and humans are vertical.
The oldest cryptic animal, and the least belived in. It can range anywhere from two feet to eighty feet, and ranging from green to black. They can have two to four wings, and two to four legs. They can breathe fire using either hydrogen or a mixture of two chemicals. They are strictly carnivourous.