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Unsolved Mysteries
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Ghost- Magic.

Spirits of long dead humans. Some molevalant, some dangerous (poltergeist). Some are just an imprent, or recording, of an event, and some are intelligent and trying to comunicate.
Un-Human enrgies, completely evil. GET RID OF AT ALL COSTS!!! Can be deadly if not rmoved immediatly. Most famous incident of Demonic Activity: The Haunting. Most famous exorcism: Emily Rose.
Non human entities, completely good. Allow in your house at all times. Will fight of evil and bad thoughts. Also may save your life every once in a while.
Wizardry and Magic:
The most famous supernatural occurence, is still very common today. Many practice witchcraft (shutdown at all costs) but some practice wizardry and magic (Chris Angel). At least 1 magician in small towns, more than 10 in big cities.